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22 februari 2023

Where to start when it comes to motherhood?

There is so much to talk about and at the same time, not really.

Every woman is different and experiences this sacred moment in a personal way. It’s hard to

describe the feeling of being a mother, it’s impossible to put words on the infinite love and it’s even harder to explain all the emotions passing through a woman’s brain and body before, during and after giving birth.

But let me try...

I am about to take my first solo trip with my baby.

First time on a plane.

First time traveling alone together.

I would lie if I told you that I am as chill as an oyster.

My soul is very relaxed. She knows. We can do anything together. We don’t have a limit.

I can literally do anything. Just the reminder that I birthed a human being suffice to appease my soul.

I. Gave. Birth. To. A. Human. Being.

That’s all my soul needs to know. No matter what, we will manage.

My brain on the other hand, goes at a hundred kilometres per hour. My brain holds onto the little details of all we need, all of the things that could happen, all of the details of the journey and the solitude to manage this big step on my own.

My soul knows that we don’t need all of the toys, the gadgets and fuss.

We just need food and each other.

Since I became a mother, I realised that everyday is a first time.

Every day is a stretch within myself where I dig more of my courage and go beyond what is


Everyday I break another wall of fear and, everyday I face another fear that I do not know existed.

I thought I knew a lot about courage, life and love before having a child.

I did not.

I did not even grasped what courage actually meant.

The real one. The raw one. The one that doesn’t command you or guide you but requires you to show up.

Courage in its totality.

Being a mother is courageous.

Loving beyond worlds and words is courageous.

Showing up everyday despite the misery of the mind is courageous.

Taking -not jumps- but leaps of faith in yourself is courageous.

I used to use a lot the word “warrior” before becoming a mother.

To me, it meant someone who would battle through the adversity.

When I think about being a warrior today, I think about all the mothers in this world. The warriors of love.

We fight without even taking a split second to think just to protect our cubs.

We fight against our old selves who tries to make us go back to a life that is no longer existing.

We fight to give the best we can to our child. We fight to push our own comfort zone to another level of confidence.

We fight, we cry, we bleed and we love.

Love and courage is what make Mothers these fierceness warriors of time.

So yes, there will be many more first times with my baby. And many more fears.

But I have the greatest weapons of all time: love and courage.

To all the mothers who go beyond for love.


This post is written by Sophie Wolf, soul reader and founder of The Place.



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